The Teaching of Mathematics at Belfield Community School

At Belfield we want all children to appreciate the importance of mathematics and how it is vital in all they do.

We have a very strong emphasis on mental calculation. We expect children to be able to recall mathematical facts quickly and accurately.

In Foundation stage children develop mathematics by singing number songs, counting and learning about numbers.

You can help at home by playing simple counting games and developing their awareness of numbers through play.

Maths lessons take place every day, with fun, practical activities designed to engage all our children and inspire in them a love of the subject.

Throughout school, we aim to develop counting and mental maths skills, using our Maths Passports, a copy of these can be found below. These are practised each day and help all our children to know basic number facts which can support them in a range of mathematical activities.

You too can play a crucial role in making our children confident and successful mathematicians, by helping them learn their times tables (up to 12 x 12) and number bonds at home.

We monitor closely how children’s mental maths skills are improving, by doing fortnightly Wigan Maths tests from Year 1 onwards. Children are encouraged to answer real-life questions within 5 or 10 seconds.

However, if your child struggles in maths, there are a range of intervention strategies we will use to help support them:

  • 1:1 or small group work on Passports
  • Practical equipment, such as counters, number squares etc in class
  • 5 minute boxes
  • Springboard (for Key Stage 2)
  • Securing Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 materials which focus on the key skills needed to become confident at each level of maths
  • Numbers Count – 1:1 support for KS1/2  children
  • First Class @Number  – small group support for Lower Key Stage 2

We are very lucky at Belfield to also have a teacher who can support gifted mathematicians work towards Level 6 skills – something that most children won’t achieve until they reach high-school.

To develop problem solving skills and knowledge of shape, space and measures, we have “Maths Theme Weeks” every year. Children take part in very practical activities during these times, which often take mathematical learning out of the classroom – they’re great fun!

We value your support in mathematics so…get counting!!!

Maths Passports

Helping your KS2 child with maths...

Helping your KS1 child with Maths...