The following is advice taken from the Rochdale Borough Council Website

In the first instance talk to the school directly

If you have a concern or complaint, you should contact an appropriate member of staff at the school. This may be the class teacher or subject teacher.

They can investigate your complaint or concern and give you a response that clearly says what action or monitoring they will do. At this stage, misunderstandings can usually be cleared up. Everyone benefits from the speedy resolution of difficulties and suggestions for improvement.

If you don't agree on a solution to your complaint, you can then complain to the headteacher.

Talk to the headteacher

If your complaint is about the headteacher, you should skip this step and talk to the governors instead. Details of who this is can be found on the governors section of the school website.

You'll usually need to complain in writing directly to the headteacher. However, each school will have a complaints procedure which will tell you who to direct your complaint to and when you could expect a response by.

You should ask for a copy of the school's complaints procedure which should tell you how the school will investigate the complaint. An investigation into your complaint should be carried out by the appropriate person.

When all the relevant facts have been established, you should receive a written response.

Please find below a link to Belfield Community School's Complaints Policy

Belfield Community School Complaints Policy