The School Day

The School bell goes for the start of the day at 8:45am

School finishes at 3:15pm.

At 3:10pm a bell will sound signalling the children are late being picked up. They children will be taken to the foyer where you must collect the child and sign them out. If this happens a number of times you will be sent a letter and if it continues you will be invited in for a meeting with the Head.

Nursery session times are 8.45 -11.45 am and 12.15 - 3.15pm

Classroom doors close at 8:55am, children arriving late must come through the front entrance and be signed in at the office.

Please make sure your child comes to school on time we are learning from the minute the bell goes. We also need children to be in everyday. Certificates are awarded to children who attend every day and a class trophy for the best attendance each week. Coming to school everyday is the best way for your child to make progress.