Belfield Community Primary School

Pupil Premium expenditure



Number of Pupils and Pupil Premium Grant received (PPG)

Total Number of pupils on roll

343 (excluding Nursery)  372 (with Nursery)

Total number eligible for PPG

    31% (49% last year’s Y6)

 52% boys

 48% girls

16%  of above have  SEND

Total Pupil Premium Grant  2018/19


This is allocated as follows

Additional teaching support, including specialist teachers, £60,000 bullet points, teachers trained in intervention support.  1,2,3,6,7,8

Additional TAs including specialist language support & EAL  

TA trained in behaviour intervention strategies and willow room provision. Trained pay therapist

 £50,000 bullet points 3,4,5,11

Breakfast club subsidy £2,000 bullet point 10

Times table Rock Stars and numbots  £200

Specialist Teaching resources & Training £6,000 bullet point 6

Training for TAs to develop structured interventions.

    1. mentoring of disadvantaged children

Up to £9000 pounds to subsidise trips particularly The Robin wood residential and also musical instrument provision in Year Six





Nature of Support  2019/ 2020

The funding received from Pupil Premium will continue to be allocated in the following ways.

  1. Increase teaching support, throughout school High teacher child ratio in Foundation Stage
  2. 1-1 support for children at risk of not meeting expected standards
  3. 1-2.1-3 support for at risk children
  4. Continue with Willow Room support ensuring that progress of children attending is mapped.
  5. Inclusion Manager, non-class based 2 day per week to support the progress of SEN children & develop small group provision
  6. Small group support for more able  from qualified teacher, involvement in more able maths group work with IPLCN
  7. Full time learning mentor providing specialist programmes for children with challenging behaviour
  8. Continue to subsidise breakfast club so all families can access a warm healthy breakfast if they need to.
  9. Ensure children with English as an additional Language are getting the support needed. Bi Lingual TAs.
  10. A specialised language support assistant non class based
  11. Parent support groups for parents whose children prove challenging.
  12. TAs trained in structured intervention. Project X code, 1st class Number 1&2, 1st class@writing, better reading support partners


Impact of Funding: 18/19  Free School Meals/ Children Looked after


In Key Stage Two























Key strength identified on Inspection Dashboard

Disadvantaged KS2 Pupils scores improved last year.


We will continue with the above programmes as they have been successful. We are also introducing a mentoring system for 1-1 support for children at risk of not achieving the expected standard.



Monitoring of the above is carried out by SMT/MLT through the monitoring time table, book scrutiny, speaking to children TAPs meetings and pupil progress.