The Teaching of Reading at Belfield Community School

We believe every child has the right to leave school being able to read fluently and well.

We are also committed to enabling our children to actively enjoy reading for pleasure.

Reading is the passport to so many opportunities and opens so many doors in the world.

We need your help to make our children enthusiastic and successful readers.

Reading with your child every night is the key to success; 5-10mins relaxing, looking at books can make all the difference.

It is also important to talk to your children about books or share a book looking at the pictures.

You could also join the Library; it is open after school every Monday, Thursday and all Saturday morning.

What do we do at school?

In Foundation Stage, that is Nursery and classes 1&2, classes 3,4 & 5,6 we use, Letters and Sounds which is a synthetic phonics programme. Phonics teaches the children letters and their corresponding sounds and helps children blend them together for reading and segment (break up) words for spelling. Everyday for about 15 minutes children practice and learn new sounds. The sessions are fun, interactive and very pacey.

If you want to come in to see how you can help your child with phonics please come and speak to the teachers.

We also share books with the children and do small group reading called guided reading this is to help your child with comprehension, what all the words mean.

We use colour coded books to help your child choose the correct book. Many early readers are from The Oxford Reading Tree, but we have a range of books and schemes.

As stated we have a range of graded reading schemes; we also use the Read Write Inc materials to support our work.

Some children still struggle and we have a range of intervention programmes to help your child catch up with their peers.

  • The Five Minute Box
  • Direct Phonics
  • 1-1 support.
  • Phonics Counts Programme.
  • Project X code

We have developed our Road to Reading to support in assessing children and identifying the next steps they need to work on. There are copies for parents to download further down this page.

When children arrive in the juniors most of them are reading well, they continue to have guided and shared reading sessions and those who need it receive intervention support.
We have a range of graded reading schemes; we use the Read Write Inc materials to support our work.

Please help us to make all children at Belfield fluent and enthusiastic readers.

We can do this together, your help is vital.

Road to Reading