The Teaching of Writing at Belfield

We believe that all children should develop a love of writing and take pride in their achievements.

To do this teachers plan in teams and the majority of the children’s writing is based around books, short films or educational visits. We engage the children through giving them experiences and ideas to base their writing on.

We develop talk for writing encouraging correct articulation and use of English grammar to support their writing.

All children work through our writing journey; you can find this further down this page. They move from Outside up to Alien Invasion. Each writing journey has a set of targets the children have to work through.

All classes have an English Working Wall  that support the writing process.

We start in Nursery allowing children to ‘make marks’ and support them in forming letters in their name. We model writing and ensure there are lots of opportunities to write in the environment.

The phonics work the children do supports them in being able to sound out words to use in their writing.

All our teaching is based on the English National curriculum. Teachers support the process by modelling writing and providing a good stimulus to support the imagination.

We use a range a materials to support the teaching of writing including the work of Alan Peat and Pye Corbett.

We use Pen Pals to support correct letter formation and handwriting.

Children gain a Pen Licence when their writing is fluent and they can form all of the basic handwriting patterns.

All children have writing displayed in the classrooms usually on a washing line. Children do three pieces of assessed writing per half term and these are kept in the child’s writing assessment book.

The writing assessment books show evidence of progress through the writing journeys.

Children have separate support lessons for grammar and spelling, we use a range of materials to support this. Grammar for writing and Collins materials.

Writing Journeys