At Belfield Community School, we have 22 languages spoken!

Some children arrive here with very little English, so we realised we needed to implement the Young Interpreters Scheme in our school.

Our first Young Interpreters have finished their training and are very excited about their new role in school. They received their badges and certificates in a special assembly where they were introduced to the whole school.

YIs may be asked to support a new child in the playground or in their class. They may show children and / or new families around the school.

We meet regularly to share the ways we have helped other children, and to play games or take part in activities to improve our understanding of how to support children with English as an additional language.

The Young Interpreters Scheme is a fantastic way of celebrating the many different languages and culture within our school, whilst helping EAL learners improve their English.

We also celebrate a language as ‘Language of the term’ when all children are taught basic words and phrases in other languages.