Life cycle of a butterfly

This half term we have been looking at how things grow and change.

Some caterpillars came to live in Nursery. They grew bigger and bigger...

Next, we watched them change into cocoons and finally into beautiful butterflies.

We enjoyed setting them free and seeing them fly away. Goodbye…

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Come and Play

Thank you to all the Nursery parents who joined us at our 'Come and Play' sessions.

The children were so excited to welcome Mummies and Daddies to Nursery and to share their learning. 

Everyone enjoyed collaging a duck, playing outside and looking at their child's super Learning…

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Moon toast


The Nursery children had a fabulous time making and eating Moon toast. 

We created different shaped Moon toast - circles, triangles and rectangles - and then carefully used a knife to spread alien slime jam onto the toasted bread. 

Everybody was very brave and joined in with the tasting…

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Amazing Animals

We are learning about Amazing Animals for the past few weeks, and done lots of work about Elmer by David McKee. 


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Book Week in Reception


The book fairy delivered us a poetry book, and we spent all week reading poems and making our own! We tried to make strings of rhyming words and used them in our poems, and we listened to lots of poems by Michael Rosen. 


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Toothbrushing in reception

We brush our teeth everyday in reception after we have eaten our lunch. We are very kindly given toothbrushes for at school and at home by various programmes aimed at keeping our teeth healthy. Please make sure you take your child to the dentist regularly, and if you need any support with this…

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The children loved learning about our space topic. They had a great time playing with their friends in the space ship, learning words to describe where the alien was, weighing moon rocks to see which was heavier, and writing our own information book about space! Have a look at our photos and next…

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Chinese New Year

The Nursery children enjoyed celebrating the Chinese New Year. We wished everybody, 'Good Luck', painted Chinese dragons, folded Chinese fans, ate Chinese noodles, had a go at writing Chinese letters and took part in a dragon dance using scarves, ribbons and pom-poms. Phew! 

We also went on an…

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Challenge completed!

Well done to all of the Nursery Children for completing our Phonics Rhyme Challenge. Everybody used their big voices to say all of the words in the rhymes and to sing all of the lyrics in the songs (there was lots of joining in with the actions too!) 

The Nursery staff were absolutely amazed…

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Shape Homework

We have been learning about 2D shapes this week. Have a go at the homework in your book, and watch this video to help:

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The Rhyme Challenge

In the week of the 21st January, the Nursery children will be having a Rhyme challenge week.

We are going to spend even more time singing our favourite Nursery Rhymes and learning some new ones.

This helps us with our Phase 1 phonics as we are learning about words that sound the same through…

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Puppet show

Nursery had so much fun watching the puppet show, we all danced and sang and joined in with the words.



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