Amazing Animals

We are learning about Amazing Animals for the past few weeks, and done lots of work about Elmer by David McKee. 


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Book Week in Reception


The book fairy delivered us a poetry book, and we spent all week reading poems and making our own! We tried to make strings of rhyming words and used them in our poems, and we listened to lots of poems by Michael Rosen. 


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Toothbrushing in reception

We brush our teeth everyday in reception after we have eaten our lunch. We are very kindly given toothbrushes for at school and at home by various programmes aimed at keeping our teeth healthy. Please make sure you take your child to the dentist regularly, and if you need any support with this…

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The children loved learning about our space topic. They had a great time playing with their friends in the space ship, learning words to describe where the alien was, weighing moon rocks to see which was heavier, and writing our own information book about space! Have a look at our photos and next…

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Shape Homework

We have been learning about 2D shapes this week. Have a go at the homework in your book, and watch this video to help:

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Wriggly Nativity


The children worked so hard learning the songs and their actions for our nativity, and really enjoyed doing not one but two performances on Friday! Thanks to everyone who came along to watch!

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Counting Vehicles homework

This is our homework this week. We are counting the vehicles and using the numberline to help write the number in the box. 

Here are some online games if you want to carry on counting!

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Our Owl Visit

Booboo the owl came to visit us from Smithills Open Farm in Bolton today. We found out that she is 19 years old, and we all gave her soft feathers a stroke. 


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Story Cafe October 2018

We enjoyed our very first reception Story Cafe on Thursday. Thanks to all the families who came and enjoyed the story and activities, and the biscuits!

We read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. 

We look forward to you coming to our next…

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Owl Babies Homework

This weeks homework is to talk about Owl Babies, and try to label the pictures using the first sounds in the word. You can watch the video again in the blog post from last week. 

For example, Sarah (the biggest owl) starts with 's', Percy starts with 'p' and so on. 

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Autumn in Reception

We have started our 'Autumn' topic in reception. This week the homework is to look at the words we have been learning.

Here is a video of the story we are reading this week: 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. 

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

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Our Reception children have very much enjoyed learning all about Dinosaurs. From exploring a dinosaur egg to creating fossil footprints a lot of fun and learning has taken place. 

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