Image of Nursery Children’s Home Learning Challenges 08/06/20
7 June 2020

Nursery Children’s Home Learning Challenges 08/06/20

This week one of the challenges is to sing the nursery rhyme, 'The Grand Old Duke of York'.
Whilst singing the song you can do the actions by moving your body up and down and marching around.
Don't forget to invite your Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters to sing with you.
Also, you can sing…

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Image of Nursery Children’s Home Learning Challenges 01/06/20
31 May 2020

Nursery Children’s Home Learning Challenges 01/06/20

Hello Nursery Children.

We are ​starting the new month with more challenging activities for you.  
Ask your family members to help you to do one challenge a day.
Are you ready to use your Learning Powers?

Click on our poster below to start this week's five challenges, plus the Reception…

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17 May 2020

Nursery Children’s Home Learning Challenges 18/05/20


Hello, Nursery children.

Can you count down from 10 to 0?  This is just one of the activities from this week's Nursery Challenge.

Are you ready to be a proud and successful learner and try the five challenges?  Can you ​be a Have a Go Hero and try the Reception ready bonus…

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11 May 2020

Nursery Children’s Home Learning Challenges 11/05/20

Hello, Nursery children, Mums and Dads.

This week we have a website suggestion for Mums and Dads to support their children's learning. 
The website is Words for Life for parents (from the National Literacy Trust) and it has lots of top tips and ideas for fun activities that you can complete…

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4 May 2020

Nursery Children’s Home Learning Challenges 04/05/20


Hello, Nursery children.
Are you ready for more challenges? Ask Mums, Dads, brothers and sisters to help you to complete the five challenges. You can choose one challenge a day.

This week, Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Welbourne have a surprise for you. 
Can you be a Proud and Successful…
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26 April 2020

Nursery Children’s Home Learning Challenges 27/04/20

New week, new challenges!

Be a proud and successful learner and have a go hero completing one challenge a day.
Remember, you can ask your brothers, sisters, mum, and dad for help. 


Are you ready? Click on our poster below, choose a challenge. Have…

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19 April 2020

Nursery Children’s Learning at Home Challenges

Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Welbourne prepared a list with very special challenges for all Nursery children.
The children can learn and have fun with help from your Dad, Mum, brothers, and sisters to complete one challenge a day.

Click on our poster below to find out more…

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4 April 2020

How to help your Nursery child at home

Dear Nursery children and parents,

Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Begum and Mrs Hatch are sending you a big "Hello there!"

We are missing you all and hope you are all keeping safe and well in these very strange times.

We have added some new links on the blog for you to explore, but don't…

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Image of "Balanceability"
19 March 2020



For the past few weeks, the Nursery children have had lots of fun taking part in the brilliant"Balanceability" sessions. Balanceability is a learn to cycle programme for young children. 

During the sessions, the children had the opportunity to develop their balance and cycling…

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Image of 10 Little Penguins
8 February 2020

10 Little Penguins


The Nursery children are really enjoying learning all about numbers and are very busy counting lots of different things.
You can help your child to develop their counting skills at home by singing counting songs such as '10 Little Penguins' and using a counting finger to count objects…
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Image of Rhyme week challenge
11 December 2019

Rhyme week challenge


The Nursery children enjoyed the Rhyme Week Challenge.

The children worked hard to learn the lyrics and gestures to sing the Nursery Rhymes Hickory Dickory Dock, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.

Click on the links below and watch our little singers…

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21 November 2019

Reception place for September 2020


An important reminder about the application for a Reception place 2020. The deadline is 15th January 2020. 

Click on our poster below with more information about how and where to apply.

If you are having difficulties getting online or filling in the form please ask Belfield Nursery…

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